Oscar Lawry of Surrey-based Maunder Watch Company gives some suggestions for when that time in almost everyone’s life arrives when they feel the urge, the desire and the drive for the veritable rite of passage that comes from buying a luxury watch

The initial decision to purchase pre-owned over a new timepiece is rather simple; you are in effect purchasing the same watch for a lot less money or purchasing something that is not a current model. One of the first aspects that you consider in a luxury watch purchase is the price; however personally I believe it is more important to consider the value of a watch before discussing pricing.

To many people there are two factors upon every purchase and hopefully these will help you with  your decision.

What are my reasons for buying? Here’s a formula

The feelings associated with wearing it, residual value/investment potential and the frequency of use) ÷ the price of the watch.

Then it’s just a case of the fun part. What make, model and style do I personally favour and is it within my budget?

Here are two of the Maunder Watch Company’s recommendations

The GMT-Master

Perhaps one of Rolex’s most iconic watches, the GMT-Master’s unblemished design and efficient functionality make this watch a perfect companion for the modern gentleman.

The GMT-Master is a true innovation of the jet age. As airliners began to venture expeditiously from country to country, pilots needed a means of tracking different time zones with ease. The GMT-Master was developed to meet their needs, at the height of the golden age of air travel. It became the official watch of several intercontinental airlines, notably the famous Pan American World Airways, better known as Pan Am.

Conceivably the most recognisable GMT is the stainless steel with a red and blue bezel, more commonly known by admirers of the GMT as the “Pepsi”.

At the Maunder Watch Company we are somewhat infatuated with GMT’s spirit and history, which is why we take utmost pride in our collection.

The ladies’ Cartier Tank

With its clean crisp lines, flawless design and sweeping elegance, the Cartier Tank has graced the wrists of some of the world’s most stylish women.

The design of the watch was inspired by the horizontal section of a French-made tank by the then illustrious car company, Renault.

In 1918 the first prototype of the watch was given to General John Joseph who was the commanding officer of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe. Sadly, the prototype has since been lost in time but expectant fans of the brand hope it will some day surface.

A personal favorite of ours, the Maunder Watch Company is proud to offer an extensive range of these exemplary timepieces.

Our services

Perhaps because we are a family-owned, small and independent company we like to think that our service is much more personal. We will accommodate you if you wish to part exchange, sell or simply purchase wristwatches with us. You are invited to phone for an appointment of private viewing, or alternatively visit our website for the full range currently available.

It’s the differences that matters

At Maunder Watch Company we have a unique and extensive list of global contacts built up over many years, and we pride ourselves on creating a friendly and trusted business that builds on longstanding customer relationships.