Preowned Rolex Day DateThe Rolex Day Date, a personal favourite of mine and the watch I’m currently wearing with much admiration.

The Rolex Day Date goes way back, to 1956 to be exact. The design of the watch has scarcely changed since the release of the reference 6511 over 60 years ago. Fast forward some years and the day date was introduced in two new sizes. In 2008 saw the release of the day date 41. Its new size was not to everyone’s taste as it appeared flashier to some but never the less still sold well until Rolex made the decision to discontinue the model in 2015 in order bring out the new Day date 40.

With the release of the day date 40 came the new calibre 3255 movement. A new-generation mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured in-house by Rolex’s engineers for improved performance.

The watch holds quiet a prestigious title of beings the worlds first watch to indicate the day of the week spelt out in full.

Rolex wanted to portray the day date as being the most prestige and elegant model yet, so they only made it available in 950 platinum or 18ct gold with several customizable options to choice from. The customer had the option to have the bezel smooth or fluted and choose from a fast array of dial combinations to enhance the timeless symbol of excellence.

The day date has been preferred watch of many of the worlds leaders. Rolex offers one to each new president of the united states upon there inauguration.