Preowned Rolex Watches

Rolex was started in 1905 by the visionary Hans Wilsdorf. He set out to make wristwatches that were reliable and precise. And in 1910 Rolex was the first wristwatch to be awarded the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, presented by the official watch center in Bienne.

In 1926 Rolex released the first dusat and water proof watch, named the oyster. The oyster featured a hermetically sealed case to make sure of optimal protection for the movement.

1953 Rolex released the Explorer. The Explorer was inspired after the expedition of Sir John Hunt and Sir Edmund Hillary’s adventure to the top of Mount Everest, whilst wearing Rolex Oyster wristwatches.

Also in 1953 The Rolex Submariner started its now 62 years of production. The first divers watch to be able to achieve a depth of of 100m (330 feet). The latest production of Submariners is able to reach a depth of 300m (1000 feet). The rotatable bezel allows divers to time there submersion. The Submariner is an iconic Rolex with a fantastic history.

In the early 50’s, international travel started to become very popular and airline started to fly all over different time zones. It was named the jet age. Rolex saw an opportunity in this so they developed a watch specifically for airline pilots. So that the pilots could set more than one-time zone on the same watch. This watch was the Rolex GMT-Master, now named the GMT-Master II.

Rolex over the years have produced many more watches for all different industries. The Rolex Milgauss was developed to be used in electromagnetic environments so that the magnetization does not interfere with the mechanism.

The Rolex Daytona names after the Daytona speedway. Designed for racing drivers, so they were able to time their laps and a tachymeter scale around the bezel so they could work out their speed.

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