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Preowned Patek PhilippePatek Philippe & Co was formed in 1851 when Antoine Norbert de Patek asked fellow watch maker Jean-Adrien Philippe to join the former company Patek, Czapek & Co.  After Patek and Francois Czapek his former partner fell into disagreement.

In 1867 Patek Philippe Produced the worlds first wristwatch.  It was made to order for polish countess Kocewicz.

In 1989 Philippe designed the first perpetual date, the display of which needed no correction despite differing lengths of months and even leap years.  The perpetual calendars found in Patek Philippe’s modern collection are based on this exceptional horological achievement.

Sadly, in 1877 Antoine Norbert de Patek died followed by Jean-Adrien Philippe in 1894.

After the death of the two founders, the employees of the company acquired partnership.  Philippe’s son in law, Joseph-Antoine Benassy-Philippe, took over the management of the company.  Under his leadership it was transformed into a limited company in 1901 called Ancienne Manufacture d’Horogerie Patek Philippe & Co. SA.

At the end of the 1920’s the successful manufacture and sales of the business was halted by the start of the great depression, that was coursed by the stock market crash of black Thursday on October 24, 1929.  Suddenly the market was decimated and the capital finance that drove the luxury product industry grind to a halt.

An offer of purchase by David LeCoultre was rejected.  Instead brothers Charles and Jean Stern who at the time were the dial makers for Patek Philippe, were able to purchase the majority of the company in 1932.  The last of the owners belonging to the founding families, Joseph Emile Philippe, grandson of Jean-Adrien Philippe, lost his stake during the purchase.

Once in the hands of the Stern brothers and the managing director Jean Pfister, the company once again established itself as an innovative watch manufacturer by manufacturing in house movements.  At the same time the brand became a style icon in the area of mens elegant watches, with the introduction at the beginning of the 1930’s.  Above all the Calatrava, launched in 1932.

1968 Patek released the Golden Ellipse, which is now an iconic piece.

1976 The infamous Nautilus reference 3700 was launched.  At the time sports watches were produced mainly in gold.  But Patek initially decided to make their sports watch in steel.  With a very slim case design but water resistant to 120 meters, built for durability, reliability and accuracy.  The later versions 5711, 5712, 5726,5990 and 5980 have become some of the most sort after watches in the world.

1993 The Gondolo was released.  The Gonodlo collection is stylized and sleek, and was made up of ladies and men’s references such as 5135, 5098, 5111, 5024, 5100, 5200, 4972, 7099, 4868, 4824.  Tonneau, rectangular or cushion shaped cases the watches combine function and form with art deco aesthetic.

1997 saw the launch of the Aquanaut.  The Aquanaut Is another sports watch produced buy Patek Philippe, the watch comes in gold or steel with the option of a rubber strap or a matching material bracelet.  It has 60-meter water resistance and features an automatic movement with time and date functions.  The latest models 5167,5164, 5065, 5066, are extremely popular and hard to acquire.

1999 Patek produce the ladies Twenty 4.  Made up of of two sizes and many different variations of metals and diamonds.  For example 4907, 4908, 4910, 4920.

2000 The new style 5110 Patek Philippe world time was put into manufacture.  With the new 24 hour time zone patented mechanism.   Enabling the user to change between the 24 time zones with a single push of a button.  The latest model 5130, 5131, 5575, 7130, 7175 have been made in a slightly larger case and have a different hands.

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