The Classic fusion line is one of Hublots most elegant designs. Stripping away all the features you would find in its other models, you are left with a very clean and simple look that took inspiration from there early models produced in the 1980’s. The Classic Fusion still features a rounded case with Hublots signature H screws which fasten the bezel. The Classic Fusion line brings together modern materials such as cerachrom and titanium mixed with traditional precious earth metals such as gold. What you are left with is a truly refined and sleek designed watch that wears beautifully on the wrist.

The Hublot Classic Fusion was first introduced in 2004 as the slimmer line, lighter version of its older and louder big brother the big bang. Available in 33-38-45 mm cases the Classic Fusion has a good array of sizes.

Overall the watch competes very well against the big bang and with the 5 new designs that were announced at Basel world and it’s going to a top contender for Hublot most popular watch sold.